HEURISTIC (adj): involving learning, discovering, or problem-solving by experimental and trial-and-error methods


our story

Hey all!  Thanks for checking out the website!  

We're really excited to bring you the t-shirt and hat ideas that we've always wanted to see get made.  However, through this process, we've realized that we have a unique opportunity to engage with our community as well as reach people worldwide.  In order for you guys to have a voice, we plan to put up a few designs each month and allow you to vote on which ones get turned into real life products!  There will most certainly be perks for all who participate. We are open to any ideas you may have to make this site and our products the best they can be.  Feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or suggestions.

We love hearing people's stories and believe in supporting and promoting small businesses in our corner of the world. We're just getting started so, stay tuned!