Hi!  I'm Jason.

Thank you for checking out our website. 

We are really excited to get the website up and going...it's been a little bit of a struggle to be honest.  I guess everyone struggles a little when they are starting out so I guess we're in good company. 

We had discussed starting a business for a long time and finally worked up the guts (and $) to get underway.  We mainly design t-shirts because we live in t-shirts and we love t-shirts.  Who doesn't?

We're still tweaking the website but we're pretty happy with the way it's progressing.  A shout-out to our friend Rick Krauland for jumping in to help make it look and feel the way we were hoping.  Thanks Ricky!

A little about us.  I grew up in Braddock, PA and thought I'd grow up to be a pro surfer.  Considering there are no waves on the Monongahela River and the fact that I'm afraid of sharks, it took a minute, but I soon realized that was a bad career choice.  I then became a musician.  Yeah, I know...just don't.  Reading back over this I'm beginning to realize I'm a little bit of a non-conformist...I can live with that.

My business partner Heather (my wife btw) grew up not wanting to be a surfer or musician (thank goodness) so she became an architect.  She taught me a bunch about design and gave me the confidence to keep learning and moving forward.  I was a complete novice with any type of design software when I began to dabble so, lucky for me, she had the patience of a saint in dealing with my repeated requests for help.  Once she explained to me that there's this thing called the internet I was able to figure some things out for myself.  After a few years of learning and driving her crazy by non-stop talking about starting a business, we decided to print a few t-shirts.  People seemed to like them and, to our surprise, they gave us money for them.  At that point we decided we should probably start paying taxes before we got nailed by the IRS so we started Heuristic.  That's where we are today.

Right now we are just starting out so if you see something we can do better with the website or if you just want to say hey, feel free to email us. We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to start Heuristic and hope to make the best of it.  Thanks for reading!




Jason Grew